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I'm Going to Houston!

I'm excited to announce my film "The Visitors," is a 2018 Finalist in the Cinespace Short film Competition Co-Sponsored by NASA and The Houston Cinema Arts Society. Richard Linklater will be deciding the winners! So excited and grateful for this opportunity. THANK YOU!!!!!!

I had an amazing time at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. My film "The Visitors, " took home 3rd place. I starred, co - wrote and co - produced this film. I met so many wonderful new friends and experienced many great events and performances. It is an honor to be included in the Cinespace/ Houston Cinema Arts Festival. For photos and news please check out the film's instagram @the_visitors_film


Photo credit Horacio Rodriguez @12parkesselrun

@susanspanostudio @fshouston

I stayed at The Four Seasons Houston. The beds were dreamy and the cozy lounge chair was a perfect way to relax between events.

IMG_4980 h in bayou_edited_edited.jpg
IMG_5273 paper plane drink_edited_edited

At the Bayou and Bottle, I enjoyed some new twists on the classic "Old Fashioned," served up by the warm crew in The Four Seasons cocktail lounge. One of the best hotel lobby bars I've seen.

The "Dr. Pepper Old Fashioned," is a rich, deliciously sweet boozy cocktail that hits ya, in a good way at first sip. If you prefer a zingy taste try the "old '97," a zesty and refreshing bourbon cocktail served over crushed ice. Adult Icee, anyone?

I also enjoyed the "Part Time Lover." Our host, Gervin, was a bit surprised as he said the herbal taste of the Montenegro Amaro and the rich taste of the black strap rum is often too intense of a flavor combination for most. Not for me, I loved it.

The crafty bartender even made the perfect "Paper Plane," a cocktail my friend Christina introduced me to at the closing night party. Cheers!

IMG_5227 Houston red carpet_edited_edite
IMG_5226 dressy red carpet_edited_edited

One of the perks of being a Cinespace finalist is the tour of NASA. Amazing! The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is an astronaut training facility. The HUGE pool holds 6.2 million gallons of water! Full scale mock - ups of space vehicles and equipment live under water so the astronauts can train.

Exploring NASA!
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