Eugene (Drama)

Director: Jake Barsha

I played the role of Layla, a Laconic street girl who bottled up all her emotions to hide her vulnerability. I remember, after wrapping, my tears flooding out.

Dead Man's Bluff (Drama)

Director: Franklin Guerrero

Exploring the role of Dauphine in “Dead Man’s Bluff,” I found such a wounded bird. Dauphine, manipulative in her ways, struggles to keep her small world together. In the end her world unravels. Revealing, how deep her pain went.

Vampires Must Die (Comedy)

Director: Keith Hartman

Head in the Sand (Drama)

Director: Dave Baldwin

“Head in the Sand,” was my first experience working with a child actor. Logan Petrin, the most adorable five year old. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with him. My character Honey Burch was a strict mother, so at times it was hard to look at the  little Logan’s sweet face and be tough. The scene in which I had to put on military gear and go into the Pacific Ocean was to say the least, FREEZING!!!!

Gina Atwater - Marvel's Dr. Strange:

The Sorcerer Supreme (Animated)

Director: Jay Oliva

“Dr. Strange, The Supreme Sorcerer,” a Marvel & Lions Gate production is an animated film based on the 1960’s comic book "Dr. Strange." Playing Dr. Gina Atwater was a lot of fun. She’s a strong, smart woman who still has a flame  for the “Great Dr. Strange.” The film is a good watch; dark and mysterious.

Commercial Demo Reel

Had a great time filming in Santa Ynez Wine Country and tasting the delicious wines.